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In addition to traditional mat and framing options we offer an affordable lamination mounting technique that will add that museum quality, artistic look to any decor at a fraction of the cost. This additional format offers many benefits...

Laminage changes existing prints into permanent, ready-to-hang displays. Originals are sealed under clear film laminate and then mounted on premium MDF wood making them washable and protected. Solving common picture preservation problems: moisture and mildew, wrinkling, sagging, stains and even broken glass or frame issues.

Safe: There is no glass that could break and shatter or even cause glare. Terrific for kids and rec rooms or other high traffic - high "incident" areas.

Innovative: Laminated with beveled edge our pricing makes wall decoration affordable. This unique, image-dominant format includes a decorative beveled edge available as plaque or boxmount, insuring your selected image is the focus of attention. Plaque style application pictured above - while the boxmount version offers the illusion of the plaque floating off the surface of the wall.

The lack of a frame means this format allows a seamless blend with nearly any decor. Move it around from room to room just on a whim or as a practical cost benefit. This format is an ideal treatment for commercial wall art such as offices of any kind, restaurants, hospitals, court houses, hotel rooms, building lobbies, halls, elevators, etc. Anywhere you want to captivate and/or disarm the audience (your guests & clients) with a feeling of rare luxury without the higher costs of framing and its more durable too.

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