Search Tips

Tips on seaching by keyword

Capitalization The search engine is not case sensitive. Whether you type star, Star, or STAR, you will receive the same search results.

NO Quote Marks! Do NOT put quote marks around phrases. Simply type in a phrase to search for that phrase. If you type in reaching for the stars, you will get an image if it's available; if you type in "reaching for the stars", you will not.

NO Wildcards or Booleans! Do NOT use wildcards (asterisks, minus signs, plus signs, exclamation points, or words such as "not", "and", or "or" within a search word). To perform a boolean search, use one of the "AND", "OR", or "PHRASE" buttons.

AND will find only those images that contain all of the keywords in the image. If you enter keywords apples, oranges and check AND, you will receive only images containing both apples AND oranges. You will not receive images containing only apples or only oranges.

OR will find all images that contain any of the words that you type. If you enter keywords apples, oranges and check OR, you will receive all images containing apples OR oranges, in other words, all images containing apples, all images containing oranges, and all images containing both.

PHRASE will find an EXACT MATCH. If you enter keywords computer keys and check PHRASE, you will receive only images with computer keys. You will not receive images of computers or images of keys.

Image Number All images have an image number. If you know the number, you can search for an image by entering that number.


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