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Music contained on this site belongs to and is the copyright of their respective owners. They are used here for the enjoyment of people all over the world, and are not used for profit. These MIDI and wav files have been collected in my various surfing about the web and originate from various FREE sources. The music on these pages may be © protected under various owners copyright. They are presented for personal entertanment use only and because I think they are cool - not in any attempt to make financial gains. To my knowledge I have abided by all of the copyright laws and ethics. If anyone has a composition on this page or any of my pages here-in, and wish it to be removed or credited please contact me via e-mail. If there is anyone I have failed to acknowledge please excuse the oversight and contact me with the appropriate information via e-mail at:

Audio Sample Title Credit
52nd Street Bridge Song Simon & Garfunkel
Are You Gonna Go My Way Lenny Kravitz
Carrabean Praise - ??? -
"Cheers" - Theme Gary Portnoy /
Judy Hart Angelo
Don't Speak No Doubt
Everlong Foo Fighters
Fly Away Lenny Kravitz
Happy Birthday Summy-Birchard Music /
Hill Foundation
Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
"Hitchcock Presents" - Theme Charles Gounod
I'm A Believer Neil Diamond /
The Monkees
I Feel Love Donna Summer /
Giorgio Moroder
Imagine John Lennon
Killing In The Name Of Rage Against the Machine
Layla Eric Clapton
"Love Story" - Theme Carl Sigman /
Francis Lai
"Pink Panther" - Theme Henri Mancini
Sailing Christopher Cross
Sledge Hammer Peter Gabriel
Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel
Take Five - ??? -
"Titanic" - Theme Celine Deon
USA - National Anthem Francis Scott Key
Virtual Insanity Jameriqui
Watching the Wheels John Lennon
With A Little Help the Beatles

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