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Love On the Net

A budget sensitive project Love On the Net is an exclusive online dating and picture introduction service.

Client: Seidler & Sullivan (for: LOTN)


Unitel Cellular

Cellular phone retailer and service providers web site.

Client: Seidler & Sullivan (for: Unitel Cellular)


DIMEX - Digital Insurance Market Exchange

DIMEX is an interactive insurance marketplace an anacronym for "Digital Insurance Market Exchange". Co-designed this site is a "virtual studio" creation of InkSpot Designs and Amber Dowling Illustration & Design. We created this companies logo and corporate identity package as well as the concept and initial designs on this web site. This site however has gone under internal maintance and no longer looks anything like the initial designs we created.

Client: Bob Motta (President DIMEX)


111 Sexstreet

This one is not for the excessivly politically correct or the weak of heart. For obvious reasons this site is password protected so interested visitors will only be able to see a few introduction pages and the guest tour without a membership. Since it's creation this site has taken a decidedly less graphics intensive turn and have pulled down much of our hard work - a decision that was difficult for them as well after becomming visually attached to our original designs. Perhaps they'll bring them back online as the net gets faster.

Client: CyberVille Corporation



Find the HOTTEST automotive deals in your area - all at one place. I was only responsible for the site construction on this one all graphics were supplied by the client.



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